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In the area around Lake Garda you can find about ten routes which are accessible within a few minutes by car from the center. The lengths are varying from 200 up to 1200m. While some are for beginners and courses others are very difficult. One thing all of them have in common: the possible access throughout the whole year and the amazing panorama.

"Rio Sallagoni" Castel Drena

A very special via ferrata of its own kind: situated in a canyon which used to be a secret escape path from the above located Drena Castle at Lake Garda. The holes of the old wooden buildings are still visible. The route itself is not very long but on a short passage some arm strength is requested. The course of the via ferrata is only slightly above the bottom of the canyon. After ca. 50 m there is an emergency exit. Otherwise you just follow the iron rope and the iron steps. At the end of the route there is a swinging iron bridge on which you may exercise your balance. A final steep new via ferrata is leading to Drena Castle. We climb this via ferrata in our courses

"Fausto Susatti" to Cima Capi

Alpine and very panoramic with view over the entire Lake Garda, Monte Baldo mountain chain, Sarca Valley and the Brenta Dolomites. Fairly easy route suitable for our courses, with short rock climbing passages and exposed paths crossing vertical walls. Throughout the entire route you may admire the remainders of military war construction owing to which the via ferrata has been presumably built. The iron ropes have been partially renewed and are in a good condition. For the descent we follow the same direction to Sentiero M. Folletti, then follow the way signs.

Ferrata "Via dell'Amicizia" to S.A.T. Peak

You can enjoy the unique view over Lake Garda on the long and exposed iron ladders. The "Friendship Route" with the two famous and never-ending ladders is technically not very difficult but you must absolutely not suffer from vertigo. It offers unforgettable and breathtaking views into the depth of Lake Garda and its valleys. The path leads you over partially equipped rock terrain, always steep but never difficult up to the first ladder which has more the 100 rungs. On a small platform in the middle you can take a rest and then follow vertically up. Further up over unsteady terrain and some iron steps we reach the second ladder which is vertical and about 70 m high. We reach SAT Peak after we have crossed some well equipped rocks and several short ladders and iron steps, we reach Cima SAT Peak on the top of which there is an iron flag and a breathtaking view over the entire Lake Garda Dolomites.

"Gerardo Sega" Avio Trentino

On the walls of the Adige Valley following antique smugglers' trails. Considering the enormous length of the route, a very good physical condition is a prerequisite. In the beginning there is a short ladder, then crossing some rocks up to a very exposed ledge with many a hundred of meters below you. Following the ledge around the left ridge, we are crossing the huge and impressing cave on a sometimes rather narrow path which is getting wider towards the final part. On the path crossing the cave there is no iron cable for belay. Further upwards crossing forest, partially equipped rocks and open terrain we finally reach the top.

"Che Guevara" to Mount Casale

A never-ending long route on an immense and historical wall. Technically average difficulty. Due to the length of the via ferrata, a very good physical condition is a prerequisite. The trail is evading the steep passages and takes advantage of the weaker parts of the wall until you finally reach the impressing horizontal ledge which forms the upper limit of the light-grey limestone slab. Then to the left over some iron steps almost vertically onto the exposed main section of the via ferrata. The following passage is less steep, some without signs to the green "Cengia del Maurizio" (1200 m.) where you find the summit' s booklet. The first part up to Doss dei Pini has been renewed in 2005 and has thus become slightly more difficult. The panorama and view of Monte Casale Peak Casale (1600 m), in the North the Brenta Dolomites, in the West the Adamello Glacier and in the East the triangular peak of Marmolada, makes up for the fatigue.

Monte Albano Mori

Very close to Mori village. This ferrata is an ideal exercise for difficult routes. There are very exposed crossings and difficult vertical climbing passages. Over vertical and overhanging parts and several crossings up to the easier middle section. The end of the via ferrata is reached after a very steep 60 m climb. The Via Attrezzata Monte Albano "Ottorino Marangoni" is one of the first sports vie ferrate in the Alps and is being considered a very demanding route in the Alps. It has lost none of its popularity which is obvious when you see the polished rock on the entire route. This route is not recommended with rainy weather and wet rock. Important information: the via ferrata has been renovated and made safe at the beginning of 2014. Many brackets have been added an the exit area has changed.

"Rino Pisetta" to Mount Piccolo Dain

Route only for experts; one of the most difficult vie ferrate in EUpe; the first 60 m and the central slabs are very demanding. It offers a unique panorama over the entire valley and its various lakes, from Lake Toblino to Lake Garda. It is the most sportive and the most demanding via ferrata in the Lake Garda region. You must cross a 30 m wall with almost no footholds, equipped only with iron ropes. Who has problems managing the initial part, should take the emergency exit which is leading to the right and is equipped with iron ropes. Only at the end the wall is sloping and the major difficulties are over. Then you proceed to the exit at 950 m and you have reached the top of Piccolo Dain Peak.

Information on the equipment

The entire climbing material as helmet harness and via ferrata-set will be provided by our mountain guides, this service is already included in the total price of our courses.

Insurance in our via ferrata courses and trips

All of our collaborators of Alpine climbing School Arco are government licensed Mountain Guides with an international diploma and are officially registered with the regional and international Mountain Guide's Association. With no exception, all of them have a third party liability insurance towards their clients.

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